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A growing business has complex banking needs and Premium Cash Management provides the financial tools and technology to help you enhance efficiencies, improve cash flow and increase profits.

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1Cash Management products and services are subject to approval. The initial decision is subject to each applicant meeting specific requirements and final approval will be based upon the applicant satisfying those requirements.

Account Sweeps

Automatically transfer amounts that exceed, or fall short of, a certain level into a higher interest-earning investment option. Account Sweeps are an easy way to manage funds for a better return.

Business Debit Card(s)

Provides debit card business accounts access for employess expenses such as gasoline, supplies, inventory, cash, or any other business purpose. Control how much, where and when employees spend money and turn cards on and off with our CardValet® product.

Business Mobile Banking

Business Mobile Banking provides access for managing business finances anytime, anywhere from a mobile device. Check business account balances and view recent transactions including check images, transfer money between accounts. Deposit checks directly into your business account using your smart phone or tablet camera and enjoy the convenience of higher daily deposit and item limits.

With Premium Cash Management, originate and/or approve scheduled transactions including wire and ACH transfers. Review and approve Positive Pay exceptions.

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Business Mobile Deposit Agreement

Business Mobile Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

Loan Sweep / Lines of Credit

Loan Sweep assists in controlling interest expense and simplifies the daily task of determining your cash position. Each business day, Loan Sweep will compare the actual collected balamce in the designated account to a minimum and a maximum control balance. Funds will automatically transfer to satisfy the desired control balance.

Zero Balance Account

A zero balance account is any account that is maintained with an intended balance of zero and is a great way to manage payroll and other expenditures efficiently. Simply set up automated transfers to fund the account and make bookkeeping easier.


ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House services provide an efficient, cost-effective way to disburse and collect funds electronically.

  • Direct deposit provides a safe, convenient way to deposit payroll funds into your employee’s checking or savings account
  • Pay bills and collect funds electronically
  • Electronic Tax Payments allow you to pay both federal and state agencies electronically
  • Eliminate excessive check writing and handling costs

Online Wire Transfers

Moving money domestically or internationally has just become easier with online wire transfer services. When you use Cash Management, you can add the Wire Transfer Module to your service. Online Wire Transfers provide flexibility, especially if you frequently wire funds.

  • Wire Transfer Requests may be initiated electronically through Cash Management
  • Set up repetitive wires to save time
  • Receive fax or email confirmation that we have sent your wire
  • Set your own internal controls and employee limits

Positive Pay

Minimize risk with this automated check fraud detection tool!

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Receive emails when there are exceptions
  • Authorized users control
  • Receive alerts for exceptions presented at Capital Bank banking centers

Easy, simple, secure!

Remote Deposit Capture

No more driving, no more lines! Remote Deposit Capture utilizes a desktop scanner in your office that connects to a PC and to the Internet. Easily convert checks received from your customers and make deposits electronically to the bank at any time, day or night. Reduce costs associated with driving to the bank, paying employees to leave the office, and eliminate courier fees.

Remote Deposit Capture 2017
  • Make deposits anytime
  • Save time preparing deposits
  • Consolidate funds from remote locations into one account
  • Streamline your cash flow

Investment Sweeps

A Repurchase Agreement is the sale of securities to the Company with an Agreement for the Bank to buy back the securities at a later date. Each banking day when the amount of Collected Funds in the Designated Company Account exceeds the minimum balance established from time to time by the Bank and the Company, the Bank will automatically transfer the excess funds to the Repurchase Account.

  • Sweep amount based on established balances
  • Customer Agreement is pledged with Securities which are typically obligations of the U.S. Government or Federal Agencies
  • Matures overnight
  • Interest is paid monthly
  • Fully taxable – 1099 INT Issued
  • Not FDIC Insured


For pricing related to Cash Management products please contact a Personal Banker or refer to our Cash Management product brochure.


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